Home Network Cabling

Data cabling for the internet and home automation

Silver Connect Installations offers a full range of home network cabling installation and repair services to ensure your home has the very best, most up to date internet and home automation capabilities. We service all Gauteng suburbs for all your home cabling needs.

The correct data cabling can enhance your internet speed, provide a reliable connection, and allow everyone in your home to easily access the internet from any room.

Our services

Our home cable service provides connections for:

  • Internet and Fiber networks
  • Phone Extensions
  • Television - antenna for free to air digital TV and internet streamed services
  • Security systems - CCTV cameras
  • home automation - smart home technology
Home Network Cabling Sydney

Top quality cabling

Our Installers use only the very best cables, data, TV, and phone points to ensure the future-proof of your home network. This means as data and internet technology advances in the future your cabling and network system will continue to supply your family or home office for many years to come.


Installation, repairs, and management

We can guide you through the design process providing expert advice on the most effective system for your home, once decided on we can carry out the full network installation.

The perfect time to install your home network cabling is when you are building or renovating, however, this is not essential the system can usually be installed at any time in an established home.

Silver Connect Installers can also take care of any repairs to the data network, including fault finding and upgrades.

Home data cable systems

For the best in home network cabling contact our experienced team on 011 037 1009 or complete our online booking request today.